New shiny tunes!

It’s the beginning of spring and releases coming to flow over our way. Lots of music from electro, to rock and pop are shining. Here’s what we are listening to this weekend!

The Slow Readers Club-Build A Tower

The Manchester quartet is back with a brand new fourth album , Build A Tower, out now on Modern Sky. Bringing some pieces of nostalgia, it’s catchy and reminding us of synth rock and the dark waves of the early 80s. Build A Tower is an ode to love, distance and dreams with tracks going deep in our minds. You can listen to the New-Orderesque inspired song You Opened Up My Heart below.


Polychrome-Dreaming About You
East Londoners’ Polychrome soft harmonies melting with lovely electronic beats are up with a new single Dreaming About You. Of course, we can feel the pop essence and the good summer vibes. Harmonies are perfectly entertwined together and we definitely can’t get over of the chorus which is an absolute earworm that we can’t stop thinking about!


Plan B-Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose

Ben Drew aka Plan B is back after releasing six years ago the soundtrack for Ill Manors which he had written, directed, and had a small cameo in it. We first knew him as a rapper, but since then, he evolved creatively and offering us this week, one of the best album he made so far. Plenty of soul, plenty of grooves, we just want to shake our body to the sultry tracks. From the first to the last track, the album is reflecting the title as a story. It’s dark sometimes, going from some goosebumps to cheerup vibes, pursuing the happiness through fabulous high notes and emotions.


Zayn-Let Me

Following his Mind of Mine album, Zayn, unveiled the follow-up track a couple of weeks ago. Still, it’s a grower for us with the summer pop love vibes. Zayn proved again he got the vocals to be a great pop star, getting from falsettos to darker grooves. It’s the perfect song to cuddle with the love of our life on a Saturday night in front of a movie. It sets the pace for his sophomore album coming soon. I’ll be with you from Dusk Till Dawn and now he sang Let Me Be Your Man and i’ll take care of you. we can’t wait to see what’s coming up in that story plot. We also can’t stop watching the Scarface inspired video that you can see below.

77:78-Love Said (Let’s Go)

If you need a little bit of psychedelia, why not enjoying this soft indie  piece created by Aaron Fletcher and Tim Parkin, formerly of The Bees. We feel going back in the sixties Mod era with this lovely melodic guitar and the amazingly produced instrumentation. We couldn’t not fell in love with this one. Jellies, which where this first tune is from, is going to be out this summer on Heavenly Records.


Spice up your weekend!

“May The Fourth be with you” quoted Liam Payne while unveiling a teaser of his brand new single official video.

It’s only out since a couple of hours and already growing rapidly in numbers. It’s spicy flavoured, with the Latin vibes. Filmed in Miami, it got the full package: the street dance, the club felted ambiences and obviously all the sexyness with the sultry moves along with J Balvin, a bop maker. Choreography is on point, and this song will definitely be a catchy summer hit.

See the video below:

Feature: Deep City Diver

New music haunting our lives everyday. Meet this infectious new trio from Stoke-on-Trent via London, Deep City Diver.

You’re a trio hailing from London, well one of you is from down under in Australia. Can you tell us more about how you got together?

We’re predominately a Stoke band actually! Joe and Dom are school friends from Stoke-on-Trent and I met them in London after moving over in 2015. So if Stoke’s the home town, London’s the adopted city.  Joe often tells the story of the band’s genesis as meeting me in an East London pub and having me ask him to start a band after chatting for less than 20 minutes. I like to think that we’ve managed to maintain that same degree of directness and ruthless efficiency in the music!

You already got an album you produced by yourself out now? With Kickstarter and the new platforms to help new bands to create DIY, how could you describe your experience?

It’s a tough slog being entirely DIY, but we’ve been incredibly well supported so far by friends and family and we genuinely couldn’t have released a body of work last year without a platform like Kickstarter. Being self-managed and under-the-radar, some days you feel like being in an unsigned band is just endless administration  – but it’s all worth it for that spirited, joyous celebration we call rock and roll and for us performing live is a core part of what we’re all about.

Your songs are quite dark melodic pop with a bit of 80s sound reminding of The Cure or New Order? Was it an obvious influence to you or your sound just came naturally?

Our sound definitely has romantic longings of English new wave, particularly what came out of Manchester in the 80’s. There’s this cult band called The Chameleons who we’ve only recently discovered and have been hugely influential on us. My girlfriend once commented that you can listen to New Order in pretty much any scenario and I’ve tried to emulate that sort of melodic dexterity in our sound. I’ve noticed since starting the band that so much of the English music that I loved when I was growing up has become really prominent in my writing – I guess moving to London was the trigger for that.

You just released a couple of weeks ago a brand new single called Dream Sequence, how do you describe the creative process behind this arena-like tune?

Dream Sequence all started with the riff. My guitar is in a kind of Open-G tuning I got from the band You Am I’s track ‘Junk’, which is the opening cut from their #4 Record. I’d never used the tuning before and I thought it sounded like pure ragged glory. Sometimes when I’m struggling to write I like to change something about my instrument to force me to think less about what I’m doing or to makes the process more difficult – it helps to access that almost naïve spark of creativity. The riff in Dream Sequence is a perfect example of that; it came naturally and spontaneously and then the whole song unravelled very quickly after that. Once I’d found the spark, the song was finished in half an hour or so.

Do you have touring projects for the future? New songs on the way?

We’re going back into the studio next month to record the next couple of singles, which we will release in the run up to Summer. We’re really proud of our next crop of tunes and can’t wait to share them with the world.

You can get in touch and discover their works through various socials.





Official Website

Thanks to Ryan for the interview!

Libertino records: one year of Welsh culture exposed

Being drowned into so much music from every places of the world, it’s hard to keep up with everything. One label is celebrating its first year in 2018 promoting Welsh language culture with some of the finest bands out there.

Libertino Records was founded a year ago to provide indie bands from different backgrounds across Wales and beyond some ways to express themselves creatively from rock and folk to pop. Their roster is growing and they played in various BBC sessions as well as being part of numerous festival.

We can count on some melodic acts like ARGRPH, a trio from West Wales. Their brand new single is reminiscing of classic band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci with a twist of dylanesque escape.

If you dig nostalgia keep an eye on La Forme, which met in the French Alps and now based in South Wales. We feel the retro vibes with powerful synths and deep raw vocal harmonies.

If you’re more into classic 70s with a bit of country, ILU is the perfect band for you. Part-time recording in Helsinki and part-time in the Welsh rural lands, we can hear soft hooking melodies, with some psychedelia vibratos.

Girl power is well represented with Adwaith and their indie pop with a twist of folk on some songs. Catatonia have inspired many people and Adwaith is one of them with their catchy Welsh lyrics with amazing harmony bridges. Adwaith is bringing joy to our ears.

Happy first year Libertino and hope the next one will bring us loads of new interesting sounds! Diolch Yn Fawr!

Feature: Alabaster

Bristol area is hiding a couple of treasures. The area must have been known for trip-hop back in the 90s but since then, the scene is developing in many music genres and we are discovering some gems from there like this brand new outfit, Alabaster.

Getting various influences from classic rock to indie going through folkish melody vibes, the band is delivering solid and consistent energy.

They released only one single and they already get cards on table for more promising stuff.

Modern World is plenty of glittering guitar riffs that reminds of Britpop era. Produced by Lee Slater, whom previous work was with Lana Del Rey, The Vaccines and Peace just to name a few, the track brings refreshing melancholy with powerful harmonies. Drowning into a world of mixed up emotions, just dosed the perfect ways with ungoing various beat bridges for a three minutes long anthemic song.

For more info on the band, you can visit them on social medias.

Twitter: @Alabaster_Live

Alabaster Facebook Page

You can listen to it below:

A follow-up EP is in recording process for late 2018 so stay tuned for more!

FYI Welsh bands! Horizons/Gorwelion program is back!

For its fourth year, BBC Wales in partnership with the Arts Council Of Wales are in search of brand new upcoming talents who’s ready to take over the music planet. Horizons/Gorweilion is a program helping the bands to launch their career, supporting on touring plans and promotion strategies, festival booking and a little bit more.

Since 2014, they made partnerships and showcases with SXSW, Eurosonic, Focus Wales and many more to get the Welsh culture talents exposed and shining.

Previous Launchpad roster through the years included a diverse and uplifting group of bands and singer-songwriters like Danielle Lewis, Seazoo, Afrocluster, Swnami,Campfire Social and more.

Application is open for bands and artists who are based in Wales, from pop to indie by rock and electro and many other genres.

A panel formed by people from the current Welsh music industry will pick 12 acts that would be supported in various ways throughout the next year.

The Launchpad provides unique exposure and opportunities to showcase the Welsh music treasures and helping bands to create the beginning of a great music adventure.

The 12 lucky winners will be offered a platform at events across Wales and on BBC Wales’ national services – BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales.

Acts who want to be considered have to fill in an official form online via

2015 awardee Violet Skies said lately about the project “It was a mad year for me as part of the Horizons scheme. I’ve been lucky enough to tick off a lot of things from my musical bucket list – The Great Escape, Festival No.6, Sŵn, Maida Vale and now, I’m looking forward to Eurosonic and SXSW festival. It’s been a lovely little Welsh family of talented musicians and a really good support team – it’s nice to turn up at festivals or a show knowing you have people there to help you. Writing and collaborating with other artists has been a highlight too, and having so many others going through the same as you is so reassuring.”

 There will be also new exciting things like the Horizons Blogger program which will help to provide a deeper insight and coverage of the 12 acts through exclusive content, podcasts and in-depth exposure in selected music blogs.

Horizons Bloggers will also be appearing on panels and on the BBC to help promote the acts and the project’s work online and on social media.

Music fans can follow the Twitter account @horizonscymru for all the latest news.

Applications are open from April 23 to Midnight, May 7, and announcements will follow from May 21 at the Biggest Weekend Fringe.

Campfire Social from 2017’s 12 Horizons/Gorwelion acts at Focus Wales

Are you familiar?

Summer is here! The season anthem is out today. Liam Payne teamed up with Colombia reggaeton legend J Balvin for a sunshiney vibes track. It’s infectious… at first listen you can caught the famili-famili-famili-familiar virus. The hooking chorus is beautifully held by Payne’s large and versatile vocal range.

Simple latin beats and suave Spanish is effective. We feel our feet flowing to the rhythm on the first note. The magic is working to offer us a complete summer banger.

What’s on our mind for later tonight? Only shaking our hips to the addictive salsa reggaeton beats.

This catchy piece will probably inspiring some Latin choreographers and be in many houseparties this season.

You can listen to the track below: