Living in our darkness

Won’t you stay close to me? sings Pete Restrick, lead singer of Stereo Honey, a London four-piece which definitely worths to be known in this indie pop world. Stereo Honey released My Darkness on LAB Records. Escaping the world into anthemic falsettos, the lyrical poetic dark pop vibes goes full throttle. Strongly reminding the likes of Depeche Mode or more recently Editors or White Lies, Stereo Honey brings out the glamourous riffs. The amazingly constructed melody is catchy and is banging into a rollercoaster of atmospheric sounds.

Listen to the track below:

Rock interludes

Manchester’s own Calva Louise rocking our world with their new EP Interlude For The Borderline Unsettled. The Mancunian band is letting us getting in their cosmic heavy guitar universe on Bellicoso reminding strongly of Ash 1977’s album era. It hits us like a hurricane with the flow of energy even on the Strange Bones remix of the track. We can even think of Muse big beats on Sleeper, totally rebellious. Even Adelante, which is a little bit more soft brings the magic falsettos like a ton of dynamite. It sets the tones for the follow up of Rhinoceros, the first album which was out earlier this year. Go take a listen!

Album of the week!

keysIntroducing their fifth album as The Keys, the Cardiff’s outfit goes all psychedelic on this one. Starting with the 7 minutes anthem Pussyfooting/(Gareth Bale)Kill My Scene the Welsh band set the tone for a full throttle of throwback in the times of Jerry Garcia as the title of the album can hint.  Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia is a nostalgic travel through the good rollin’ times of the late sixties with the fuzzing guitars entertwined with high pitched harmonies. You Wear The Loveliest Gown  is an energetic remedy for the soul. Bad Penny reminds ourselves the great Welsh era of Britpop including their previous Murry The Hump vibes, getting into a bopping indie vibe with upbeat well-fitted harmonies. It’s followed by a gem of heavy riffs because we (I) only want you for rock’n’roll. We feel the warming notes, bluesy infused as well all over that magnificent album especially on Black And White and Leaf Mounds with jazzy fitted banging drums and we are in love with the sweet sour psychedelic hippie vocals on House Of Eyes, Broken Bones and the title track Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia. This album definitely worths listening from the beginning to the end, bringing us the good moods, the melancholia and the buzzing anthems we need.

Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia is out now on Libertino Records.

Listen to House Of Eyes here

M for Montreal: Welsh culture rising

Friday and Saturday marked the end of M for Montreal new edition. For the occasion, bands from all around the world and locals showcased their own talents. We had the chance to catch up with Adwaith from Carmarthen and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard from Cardiff, Wales.

Performing on Friday at La Sotterenea a new venue for the occasion, the room was packed with music lovers of all kinds. Starting with Adwaith, we really enjoyed the spacy vibes and the female trio delivered the rocking songs confidently, despite the singer sickness. Magical melodies floated all across the tiny room which was fully packed of music lovers. Even with the language barrier (yes Welsh is complicated but such a poetic and theatrical language), Adwaith knew how to attract the audience. Playing some from their well acclaimed album Melyn and greeting us with the brand new single Orange Sofa/Byd Ffug, the girls rocked the intimate venue. Harmonies on point, confidence bursting, the set was so short we could have take more.

Same with Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, with all the energy all over the place. The sound was a little mixed up to hear the vocals on some songs but still what a performance by the band! Moving around, using all the space to their advantage, the crowd inside the tiny basement really seemed to enjoy the indie rock’n’roll glam infused music. Fuzzing guitars and drum loops invaded the whole place, making people bopping and dancing. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard from Cardiff is deffo one band to watch in the future and you can already buy/stream their current singles here

Gem from the basement

London’s singer songwriter Art Block newest release is penned with all the deepest feelings. The Basement is a gem of indie folk, dominated by mellow vibes. Hooking on the cracking emotions, the new single from Art Block is a wonderfully built piece of music, letting the flow of the guitar melody driving us in a melancholic mood. Smooth and reflecting all the loneliness in the world, we are guided in a relaxing path to love and soul. The Basement is perfect for the end of the evening or a quiet weekend.

Listen to the track below:

Cold wavy wall of sound

London’s duet Ghost Suns unveiled the follow up to Testify EP, a brand new song called Stuck On the Wall out now on Fierce Panda.

With a cinematic intro, we fly to a dreamy electronic universe. Strongly inspired by the 80s and the contemporary likes of Chvrches and Ladytron, Stuck On The Wall is a journey into sadness, overcoming it. The melody is beautifully entertwined with the female vocalists magic touch.

Floating above the soundscape, Stuck on the wall is a psychedelic construction of beats, supported by the synths dropping dark notes. It’s a great taster of what’s coming up for the duo.

You can listen to the track over here and buy/stream everywhere.

Edgy souls

East Anglian five-piece Dead Reynolds freshly released their brand new single taken from their current EP Souls. The song from the same name is a full dose of energy. Powerful and edgy, the guitars takes all over the place in that anthemic indie rock track.

Emotionally driven in a strong mixture of alt-punk melodies, we feel the story, in between loneliness and reflections. It’s just like an electrical shock but with a beautiful skyrocketing sound deep in the heart. Souls is out now everywhere.

Catch the visuals down below.