25 years of Britpop

It was the mid-nineties. Grunge was at its peak in the USA and Brits we’re still chasing and struggling to set up their significant sounds and breaking their music worldwide. As a response, the Britpop movement started to get some exposure with new bands and old ones who reinvented themselves. It was the case with Pulp from Sheffield who started back in the late 80s but found their way during Britpop era with their classic albums His’n’Hers and Different class. From 1994, British pop culture exploded with their melancholic guitar sounds, the dandy beats, the thick accents and attitude. With Blur, Oasis, Elastica and many more, Britain regained some place in the music world internationally.

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Disco moves!


2902St-Alban’s trio Friendly Fires teased us with some new tracks in the last couple of months and it’s finally here. This week marked the released of their third album Inflorescent. Eight years after the tropicalism influenced Pala, Ed Mac Farlane and co are bringing back the beats to life. Involving the production of the likes of Alex Metric and James Ford, Inflorescent is an incursion into disco ambient vibes. Heaven Let Me In, one of the first track unveiled, is a wink back to their own first album, with the dreamy escapes and lots of percussions. The band also exploring catchy pop summer vibes which is impossible not to notice on Silhouettes or Love Like Waves. We’re surfing between synthetizers melodies and groovy deep jazzy notes. Every song is making us wanting to get up, tap our feet and move like there is no tomorrow. We also feel a lot of late 70’s Giorgio Moroder/early-mid 80s British beats while listening to the whole Inflorescent album. Sometimes more delicate in the sweet harmonies and sometimes more deep house, we can definitely say the hiatus made Friendly Fires coming back full force.

You can listen to Offline (a collab with Friend Within) below.

Album Inflorescent out now on Polydor

An halo of pop


Fred MacPherson and his gang, Spector, are coming later this year. Lately, they unveiled a brand new track Half Life which brings glittery pop, joyful jangles reminiscing late 80s sounds.

Cutting edge guitars catching our attentions and are blending with the mix of bright and dark tones of the song. We run over life so easily, forgetting our own pace with all the things society teach us today with social medias for example. This track is describing how we need to focus back on ourselves with a touch of melancholy in the beats. Half Life making us overcome our problems, making us more happy and dancing along. It’s an absolute bop and we can’t wait to see what the upcoming EP, out probably during the fall season on the band’s own label Moth Noise.

For now, you can listen to Half Life and enjoy below:


Shadows of the post-punk era

Coming from the heart of Northampton, here’s Luna Rosa, with some shiny melodic guitars. Reminiscing of early post-punk with the likes of Gang of Four, Joy Division or Wire basslines, we feel a rocky road from the softness to more agressive lines, burning with pride, the rock’n’roll way.

Recorded in Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton, the quartet brought quality tortured and frantic sounds, representing the turmoils of life today. In the unstable climate of the actual world, I In The Centre Of Pride is depicting how individualism took over, how dark are politics when the future doesn’t seem so bright. With a clever sense of musicality, it’s showing a full description of a world that collapse.

You can listen to the track here:


Entering the weekend psychedelic like!

Let’s get into some sonic ventures this weekend. Strongly inspired by the Morricone western sounds, let’s discover The Cosmics. Hailing from Birmingham, they released early summer their self-titled first EP. Refreshing beach fuzzy vibes are plunging into the waves of great rock’n’roll pieces.

It’s beautifully balanced melodically, having rougher tunes perfect for road trips and dance along while having some more dark romantic pieces on some tracks like Trust Is Blind.

Drums are on point, making us tapping our feet no matter where we are, banging strong rythmics all over especially on Cundy Get Down and the one minute energy infused Brainfuzz

You can listen to their track Eyes just right here:

Everlasting love

Welsh newcomers Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard unveiled this week their brand new track Love For Ever.

With a solid catchy rhythmic section, the song is a pretty great mixture between old seventies classic rock and the britpop era gems. Suiting up for an amazing road trip, we couldn’t fall more in love with the hooking fuzz guitars and the refreshing beats.

Harmonies are on point and perfect for singalongs. Love For Ever is showing a more melancholic side and it’s quite interesting and clearly represent the healthy state of Welsh music today.

You can listen to the new single below:

Tell me it’s hot hot summer

We’re in the middle of summer and we found the perfect piece to get happy in these hot times. Brighton trio Roma Palace released earlier this year Tell Me.

Under the flavoured melodies, we feel the deep meanings of how to cope with being ourselves in a society where people wants us to be someone else. The hooks, sunshine inspired infused, are a total bliss.

Tell Me is one of many upcoming hits for the band. It’s an auditive delight like nothing else. If you like to relax, from the beach to your backyard, this tune is a perfect set up!

Listen below: