The Steady Letters-The Blue

Get the energetic rock’n’roll funk with the new single from London’s The Steady Letters. The Blue is out now and mixing all that you need to drive around, windows down. The dynamic guitars take over all the space. Let’s get down and dirty with explosive drums and heavy Arctic Monkey’s infused banging melodies! The soundscape embrace us like a thunderstorm, hitting hard with the hooks! Attitude and glam is all we hope for! Summer and rock’n’roll is alive and kicking! This song is perfect for your air guitar sessions, we guarantee!

Listen to The Steady Letters’ The Blue below.


South London’s Wu-Lu is so eclectic. Melting different genres all in one, he still stunned us with his new track Times. In between the glitchy raw punk guitars and experimental math rock with a little bit of jazzy grooves, expect the unexpected with the latest single from Wu-Lu. Do you like grunge? Do you like hip-hop? Dirty rock? You’ll find all these sounds in one piece. Enjoy the rhythmic evolutions on this 5 minutes epic track! Featuring Morgan Simpson from Black Midi on drums, liberate yourself and join the revolution. These Times are changing and the mix and the ability to fusion different styles is just the beginning of a new era for music. We deffo can’t wait for an album from Miles Romans-Hopcraft aka Wu-Lu. We know it’ll sound massive!

Listen to Times below.

Ernest Moon-Big Wow

It’s a Big Wow for that new track from Liverpool’s Ernest Moon. The blend of rockabilly, skiffle and blues is so addictive on that two minutes of pure auditive pleasure. The working class heroes brings the jolly guitars, shiny beats and catchy rhythms. Feel the sparkling tones and jive to the driving lyrics. Big Wow is a heavy duty number, with witty punk poetry and it’s absolutely smashing it! A full record of 8 tracks is coming and this one really make ya curious for the future bangers!

Listen to Big Wow here!

Climbing Trees-Troubling Times

Climbing Trees are back! The Pontypridd outfit brings lush guitar riffs to life on new single Troubling Times. The melancholic lines are haunting, reminiscing of early Beta Band or Elbow. The song is an escape to another world, trying to avoid these difficult times through musicality and deep lyricism. Troubling Times is the soothing track you currently need in your life right now. Melodic and massive, we can’t get enough of the comforting and rocking crescendo. In the darkest nights, we can find our glowing days, sings Matthew Frederick. We are not alone and there is still a glimpse of hope in this world. Enjoy the dreamy rythmics, get lost in your mind and relax to the soft beats.

Listen to Troubling Times here.

Telgate-Love Zone

Get your glam all set and listen to this new song from Cardiff’s Telgate. Rock’n’Roll is alive with Love Zone, an epic four minutes 70s era-infused distorted blues guitars. We can’t get enough of edgy and fierce percussion beats! Get loud! The vintage aesthetic is banging and floating in the space around. Shifting from bass tones to fast rhythmics, Love Zone is in a full-fuelled energy mode. Fuzzy vibes gaining us and we love the evolution from the beginning to the end melting the retro vibes to the modern touch of the White Stripes or Manics. It’s time to dump all our anger and enjoy the electrifying guitar bridges and vocal ventures.

Listen to Love Zone below.