What we’ve been up listening to in these days? Loads and loads and loads of stuff…

Totally hooked to We have band- Here in the Cans (DYI Version). It’s electro dancey pop at its best coming out from French label Kitsune. Also listening loads to London’s Late of the Pier album Fantasy Black Channel. We had the chance to see them live a couple of weeks ago and they rocked the casbah. Dancey, electro, glam, WE LOVE LATE OF THE PIER. They’ve played Club Les Saints with Manchester based The Whip, another band who are in our favs in these days with their album X-Marks Destination. Speakin’ of danceable music, we also can’t stop listening to St-Alban’s trio Friendly Fires self-titled effort who offered a bloody great performance in Montreal. Mel got the chance to chat with loads of these bands and during a conversation with Late of the Pier‘s bassist, he told me about the great Beyond the wizard sleeve compilation which includes remixes by notable Erol Alkan and other great remixers.

On a softer note, we can’t stop listening to Doves brand new album Kingdom of Rust and Glasgow’s acclaimed Glasvegas first and self-titled album. We don’t like hyped bands usually but we gotta say White Lies captured us with their dark soundscapes of  To Lose my Life. And if you like White Lies sound, you should also check out The Firm‘s single called Dismal Results (out on Whimsical Records).

Then, it’s third album syndrom for loads of bands, just as The Rakes with their Klang! album, recorded partly in Germany. Maximo Park just released Quicken The Heart and we’re hooked to singles like Wraithlike and The Kids are sick again

On the eclectic sounds side, we heart Micachu‘s first album called Jewellery. Grime-pop at it’s best. Speakin’ about grime and hip hop stuff, we love the supergroup Mongrel (formed by Reverend and The Makers leader Jon McClure, ex-Artic Monkeys Andy Nicholson amongst many other collaborators).

More to come soon, for now here’s a couple of links referring to the bands below

We have band:
The Firm:
Late of the Pier:
The Whip: and you can read about my interview with Bruce and Lil Fee here
Friendly Fires: and you can read about my interview with Ed Mac and Edd Gibson here
The Rakes:
Maximo Park:
White Lies: and you can check out my interview with Charles Cave here

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