Weekend jams!

Here’s a couple of tracks to enjoy during weekends, holidays or whenever you want!

Spring King-The Hum

Not long after the release of their album Tell Me If You Like To, the Macclesfield quartet is back to producing bangers. Their brand new single The Hum is so addictive. Can’t get enough of the electricity getting out from that tracks with the energetic drum beats and all the feelings letting out. The Hum is self-expression at its best with power-punk vibes with all the anger letting it out. A must listen track! Let’s lose control and dance our hearts out.


This is a true blend of rock and dance music all at once. With full package guitar riffs and groovy vibes, Nightstepper is a sweet addictive sexy track that we can’t stop listening too.

Zayn-Sour Diesel

If you expected sultry pop, you are totally wrong. Zayn proved that the influences can be from any musical universe. Sour Diesel is a dark eighties-like song reminiscing of Talking Heads or Depeche Mode grooves. We’re burning through the catchy beats.

The Vega Bodegas-A Complete History Of Witchcraft

If you’re into pop, rock and psychedelic ventures, you’ll fall in love with this eclectic album from the Cardiff outfit. Self-released, it’s always surprising from one track to another. We can bump from melancholy to weird alien sounds to strong and catchy guitar riffs. This album is perfect to listen all summer long!

Yonaka-Fired Up

This song is filled with hot chorus and lyrically it’s getting stuck on our minds. We can’t stop tapping our feets and dancing to this dark romantic love plea. The title is well deserved because it’s definitely hyping and firing us up!

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