On our decks!

Wyldest – -45

Minus 45 one of the most recent track from that London outfit. The three piece is giving us an epic daydreamy song as a taster of their forthcoming self-produced Hitchhiker EP. This is an ode to loneliness with shoegazed-influenced guitar falsetto loops .

The Blinders-Brave New World

Hailing from the hometown of Doncaster and now based in Manchester, The Blinders are up to their second single Brave New World. We feel deep in a roadtrip while listening to the sexy blues guitar notes with a mix of Kasabian/Muse-esques vibe. A must-watched band!


We can’t asked for more. This tune got it all. The reggae background with the banging staccato drum perfectly mixed with the vocal harmonies. It’s a summer banger and third track from Bambino, the Birmingham band sophomore album expected for release on September 8th. Unstoppable is definitely catchy and reminds a little bit of Alt-J at their beginning. It wears the right title as it’s playing on shuffle and on repeat on our Ipods.

Tangerines-Into The Flop House

Glamourous indie garage rock is coming back. Tangerines from London just released a couple of weeks ago Into The Flophouse. While listening we just want to lay down on the beach, enjoying the sun. It’s a perfect remedy when people got the blues and the rhythm cheered us up. We can think a little bit about the Beach Boys or even Teenage Fanclub. Let’s enjoy the summer with that gem!

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