Our weekly indie vibe!

Here some tracks we enjoyed in the last weeks. Electro, indie, new releases, even pop songs, it’s summer and we love it!

Sol Flare-Easy Line

Let’s get back to the eighties with that fulfilled synth-pop track. This three-piece from London with Jenny Jones’  magical voicetones as the likes of La Roux and Churches’ Lauren Mayberry perfectly entertwined with the staccato beats.

Half Canadian half Russian Unmagma unveiled Lama, an escaping breathtaking shoegazy track. Helped by Robin Guthrie from Cocteau Twins, Lama is a travel through the wild with some psychedelic mellow vibes. This track is due to appear on


The Cribs-24-7 Rock Star Shit

The Wakefield brothers are back with a seventh studio album 24-7 Rock Star Shit. Still close to their usual grunge-like rebellious sound. It’s maybe not their best album as we are still hooked to the freshness of The New Fellas back in the days, but it’s perfect to let out our anger and sing along the raw tunes. Here’s Rainbow Ridge taken from the album out now.



It’s summertime and this tune is a perfect one to cheer us up on a rainy day. Retro pop at its best, it’s like the Welsh version of Camera Obscura or Belle and Sebastian. Catchy old 60’s like influenced drums beats with cute harmonies, we love it!



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