it’s time to party! Weekend tunes of the week

Spilt Milk Society-Voices

For all your nostalgic britpop cravings, this Wolverhampton 5 piece outfit is there with their falsettos and slow guitar jams. Glamorous like Placebo, with a little bit of Alt-J esque melodic progression. A new band to hear definitely!

Public Service Broadcasting-Progress

With a brand new sparkling album out on Test Card Recordings, Public Service Broadcasting went on the collab wave. We still recognize their post-punkish electronic talking genre, but they’ve just added James Dean Bradfield on vocals on one of their track. On Progress, they are going a little bit more poppish and catchy with the lovely voice of Camera Obscura’s Tracy Ann Campbell. Synths and folk-pop intertwined perfectly on that song which song really  we are ready to roadtripping.

Toddla T feat Andrea Martin-Magnet

Forget the Clean Bandit or Calvin Harris beats, this is one of the most dancefloor hit of the summer. Taken from Toddla T’s forthcoming album,  this song have the right title. It stucks in our head like a Magnet with his jungle-like drum’n’bass beats mixed with the lovely pop voice over of Andrea Martin. Definitely a success!

Zedd feat Liam Payne-Get Low

The German dj is back at it! Just after getting to number one with the Canadian songstress Alessia Cara with Stay, he wrote this summer tropical banger with Liam Payne. It’s like a virus, it’s totally growing on us with this catchy chorus. With Liam’s haunting falsettos and Zedd’s melodic electronic sensuality and bops, it’s going to be a classic!


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