Tropical vibes, retro eighties and rock’n’roll!

It’s a little bit quiet while scrolling through the song or album releases but there is some summer bangers that worths the listen. Obviously there will be more to come soon, but here it is:

La Forme-Birds in an Aviary

Back to the eighties with the baryton voices of the Smiths or The Cure, we explored the darkness of the young population. But this classic tone is back with the retro synthpop-esque outfit La Forme with a brand new single out on July 17th through Libertino records. Describing love as being in a cage with a soulful sad melody. Just perfect!


Liam Payne-Strip That Down (Nevada Remix)

I can’t get enough of this. Still in love with the original but the tropical sound of it makes us want go to the beach dancing around the sea. It sets the party vibes of the original one even more. We wanna have fun and be rowdy, definitely.


Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles-Hamburg

Llanduno outfit is tracing his path through the radio stations with their brand new single Hamburg. Perfect for a fast-drive roadtrip, it’s plenty of great guitar hooks, rock’n’rolling the indie world. It’s raw, quick and so effective!

Omaloma-Aros O Gwmpas

Welsh music is alive and healthy with that brand new track from Cae Gwyn Records roster. Sexy retro  soft-disco synth vibes in the poetic welsh language. Summerish anthem for beach parties of course.

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