New releases on fire!

Loads of music came to our attention in the last weeks! From diverse spheres of music, here’s what retained our attention during the last days.

Stevie Parker-The Cure

We knew her from her electronic soft beats title track released at the end of 2016. Throughout the listen, we can definitely think of the sound of The XX, London Grammar or early Florence and the Machine on the full album. Sometimes darker, sometimes joyful, she’s playing with our emotions. The Cure is out now on Universal/EMI

Paul Weller-A Kind Of Revolution

The modfather is back with his brand new album. Well-done orchestration, strong and soulful vocals, what can we ask more? Incorporating strings, jazz sounds, but still with his 70’s-like influenced beats, he’s going to impress a few ones again. Paul Weller is a legend and proves it again.



We first discovered them with the 7 minutes long anthem Priestess. The wait is over after their latest EP, the album named Witch is out now on Fiction Records. Think PJ Harvey with fuzzy psych guitars intertwined with old baggy Britpop on the likes of My Gruesome Loving Friends. Pumarosa really deserving the hype they have at the moment, such talent and creativity is part of this band.


Liam Payne-Strip That Down (single)

When you talk about summer bops, this title is one of them. Hopefully it gets on the charts worldwide. You have all in one tune: beats, charismatic voice and rythmic hooks that just wants make us to dance till the end of the night. Like it or not, this track deserves to be recognized for the production skills. Just enjoy it under the sun and keep vibing.

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