Focus Wales: from locals to international acts

Final day of Focus Wales was plenty of great stuff. Starting with conferences on how to live from creativity in a digital world, we discovered the world of music on video games and the way that music is developing through different mobile apps and platforms.

Someperson was providing some sick beats in between the conferences.

We then headed to Oriel Wrecsam for Pulco for some folk-rock-fuzzy experimental, impossible to describe. The place was full for a theatrical and poetic performance.

After a quick waffle-burger lunch, we got back to the venue to see Heal The Last Stand catchy folk harmonies. We travelled all through their melodies and poetry during the full set.

To finish the night, we stayed at Central Station to catch The Glendale Family a six piece outfit who are mixing traditional and folk pop music at its best. Sweet vocals, great lines, you can just fall in love.

It was followed by Darren Eedens on the other stage. It was the first time we saw the Canadian-born, now based in Cardiff with a full band, getting joyful banjo songs on stage with all the people dancing around.

We continued our journey with the indie melodic guitars of Denuo. Their music is hypnotising and beautifully produced with a National, White Lies, Editors, Doves, kind of sound.

Then, Dusky Grey duet took the second stage at Central for popping catchy beats, a mix of real standard pop with folkish harmonies. Loved it!

Peaness went up a little bit joyful and made us dance to clever indie pop music. Fresh from the release of a brand new EP on Alcopop! the girls went on an energetic performance.

At the end of the set, we saw HMS Morris with their psychedelic experimentation. Poetic voices and occasional Welsh rhymes brought us in a different universe. Synth pop-blues, indie, this band proved they can be versatile and being great in every style.

Focus Wales, as every year, tried to making us discovering brand new music from every part of the world. Colt Silvers from France was one of them with their early Foals influences. It was dancey rock at its best. Their presence on the tiny stage was perfect.

Kidsmoke arrived a couple of songs later for their fresh indie guitar rock 

The crowd was bouncing to the guitar riffs and catchy choruses and they unveiled their brand new single.

We then enjoyed the soulful and powerful voice of Betsy. She is definitely a superstar, with a huge presence, she owned the stage so comfortably with her pop songs.

We finished our night at Central station with Seazoo, Wrexham’s own indie pop 5-piece. Recently performing at Canadian music week in Toronto, they came back home for a memorable set. People were bouncing to the jangle-pop beats, spreading happiness all around.

We walked to Un Deg Un to watch some BBC Wales exclusives sessions from Adwaith. Hailing from Camarthen, the all-female band, played a couple of indie-folk as the likes of Belle and Sebastian and even made a cover of the Pixies, Where Is My mind, which was a beautiful rendition.

Tender Prey came a little bit later with their garage-punk banging hits. The crowd grew and danced along with the staccatos and the post-punk vibes.
We finished our late night to Pop Montreal showcase with two artists that we knew from our hometown.

Bringing African beats Pierre Kwenders put the fire in a jam-packed Rewind club. He choreographed perfectly with the rhythms and played also new songs from his album released in September. This set was as groovy as Mozart Sister, his compatriot from Montreal, Canada, with her electronic 80s vibe. Alone with her boombox, she danced, she sang to get the party started. Girls just wanna have fun and she proved it as the last act of the festival.

We thank everyone who made that festival amazing again and hopefully see you next year.


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