Focus Wales: from folk sounds to post-punk

Focus Wales brought us an amazing sixth edition. From folk to indie post rock, we made various discoveries through the weekend.

Friday, we started our journey with Lizzy Farrall a young singer songwriter from Chester who blew us up with her vocal ranges sometimes soft and sometimes raw. You can check out her single Broken Toy

We headed to the conferences afterwards, first was the one about how selling, kind of, your music, to international festivals, TV shows, videogames, platforms of various genres, followed by another one on how to pen a good tune. Even if we’re only radio djs that’s good to see the other sides of the industry.

As the day before, we went to Royal Oak for a pint. We started with Kyle Lee from The Mexican Walking Fish  with his well-joyful sometimes melancholics pieces which was followed by our Canadian fella from Regina, Nick Faye, with a set of originals and covers, interacting so perfectly with the public.

We continued quickly after a short dinner to the St-Giles church to see The Voice finalists, Into The Ark, with all the soul in the harmonies, fitting perfectly with the church ambience.

We stayed at the same venue for Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles fresh from Llanduno in the heart of Wales, listening to the Americana countryside vibes.

After this set, we ran to Central Station to catch pop punk outfit Chupacabra, hailing from North Wales with their driving guitar riffs, dancing along to their first EP hits and singles as the likes of My Girl or Mouths To Feed.

Then, we saw one-man project Meursault from Edinburgh at The Rock suite. We could say it was a piece to see absolutely, rendering his folkish sounding lullabies with lots of emotions and even walking out the stage on his title I will kill again taking us by surprise. Lovely set indeed. 

Heavy rain just poured down outside while we were ready to catch Campfire Social at Oriel Wrecsam, a pretty small artsy venue perfect for the music mood. Glockenspiel, melodies and catchy songs were just bringing the shiny dangling joy in our minds.

A few minutes after the set we ran to Rock Suite again to watch Lush Purr, a new Glasgow band, who were playing tracks from their brand new album Cuckoo’s Waltz, out on Song By Toad label. The young band delivered guitar staccatos, hooked vocals and plenty of mixed influenced from pop to indie and punkish styles.

We ran back to Rewind to see Newcastle-Upon-Tyne well-deserved hyped band Coquin Migale which released their first album Munro last year. With a blend of sonic fuzz guitars and shoegaze, the guys delivered a performance of a lifetime in front of a jam-packed crowd.

We finally headed to Central station for our last gig of the night, from Manchester’s post-punk rebels, Cabbage. Stocked in the front, we were into the moshpit that started just after a few songs. Political, satirical in their lyrics, they transmitted a joy-divisionesque musical painting on stage. We gave up all our energy into this.

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