Wrexham’s Baby Brave interview


Baby Brave was formed a while ago and it’s mixing loads of influences. Where have you taken this retro-indie-pop sound?

When we were Baby Brave & the Love Bites we had more of a 60’s girl pop influence with the harmonies and shoop-shoop dance moves. Since then, one of the girls has left the band and we’ve renamed to just Baby Brave. The change in both line-up and name has lead us to reconsider our sound, and so for the past 2 years we’ve been working on a Noise-Pop genre, dripping with distorted electric guitars, a heavier feel inspired by My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno and, more recently, St Vincent and the Dum Dum Girls. 

Your latest release was the King Horse EP, could you let us know more about your creative process for this EP?
We recorded King Horse in an abandoned buddhist monastery in North Wales, which definitely influenced how the record sounded. Being high up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere was an experience within itself, let alone a fantastic place to record music! We started with the drums and then began layering multiple guitar tracks to create that soundscape feel that shaped the record. We added in elements which were never in our ‘live’ set, new parts emerged and we have since incorporated these into our performances. Then vocals. Loads of vocals.
So we recorded these 3 tracks which we had been playing for a while, but felt that the record needed an element of something different. One session in the studio, we stopped working on those tracks and decided to record a completely new song… and then ‘Wrists’ was born! First drums, then a dissonant piano, then guitars, then vocals… I remember making some very strange sounds into the microphone which Steve warped to make sound completely different… The lyrics were inspired from an old art book which Mike was carrying in his rucksack at the time, heralding the victorious line of completion of the whole King Horse experience, “It is done now!”

You’re on the small label Drum With Our Hands which Steve from the bands started, how do you describe the collaborative work between the band and the label?

The band makes records, and the label tries to let as many people, that they can, know that the records are out there. 
The great thing about the label is that we get to work with the other bands on there. We do gigs together, and the band’s remix each other’s stuff, and encourage each other. It’s a really positive, creative, community.

Seeing that you are doing acoustic sets or full band gigs in festivals, is there one set-up that you prefer particularly?

At Focus Wales, we played 5 acoustic shows and then finally one full band show. (I think that’s a record in FW history!) As a band with a tendency to rock out, obviously we prefer the latter! It’s better when we’re all together, for sure, but it’s nice that our songs work well with both set-ups. The songs were written initially on an acoustic guitar, so it’s kind of an inevitable full-circle that we’d take them back to how they began.

You’ve released a video for Jitters with an inter-generational choreography, what was the idea behind it?

The idea was born when we spotted the dancers from the Delta Academy of Dance! They were amazing, and we knew we had to have them in our video! When we were discussing costumes, they piped up and said, ‘we have sparkly pink sequinned jackets, would that be okay?”… errr, YES! On the day of filming, they were brilliant and even did the routine double-speed, which was impressive to say the least! 

The scene in Wales, especially in Wrexham with Focus Wales,seems to be growing. How do you feel about being part of this kind of success?

Welsh music is well overdue some of the limelight, there is so much talent here. It definitely feels like we’re in the right place at the right time, which is lucky, I guess! It’s an exciting time!

You had supported in the past artists and bands like Slow Club, Charlotte Church and Stealing Sheep. How would you describe your experience?

It’s always exciting to be asked to support a band you love! Yes it’s absolutely an honour. I loved meeting Charlotte Church, she was so full of smiles and manuka honey, and told us that her outfit had been custom made especially for the night. It was rather spectacular!

You already sang in French a little bit on Laisse Le Chick Habit on the first EP, being Welsh native, do you think you will write a song in Welsh language in the future?

I’m originally from Derbyshire (England), but have lived in France for a couple of years and have only been in Wrexham for about four or five years. I’ve not yet learnt enough of the Welsh language to be able to speak any, let alone write a song, but I do think this could be an interesting idea for the future…! P.S. There’s also some French on ‘Colours’ on King Horse 😉 

Speaking of which, after two EPs do you ever think of making a album? What’s the projects for Baby Brave the near future?

We’re releasing our 2nd Baby Brave EP called ‘Tacky Birthday’ this summer! We’ve been working hard on it all year so we can’t wait for you to hear it! Expect loads of guitars, loads of catchy melodies, it’s pure NOISE POP gold. There’s a Japanese influence on this record. Maybe I’ll have to learn yet another language, I’m up for the challenge! 😛 …
After this EP, we think an album will be next.


For further info on the band, you can visit http://www.babybrave.co.uk or their label, Drum With Our Hands website at http://www.drumwithourhands.com


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