Road to Focus Wales-part 2

Just a few days2014-04-23 22.51.12 before flying over to Wales. Here’s a few other music discoveries/artists/bands to check out as a preview of the upcoming Focus Wales

Saw this four-piece  live last year at the festival under the name of Orient Machine. They recently changed their name to Gobow.If you heart mixing hard rock, psych and alternative music, this is an eclectic mix with plenty of energy. Here’s Hector, their latest single

at Central Station, April 22nd

Straight Jacket Legends
If you are more into power pop, you can get a hand on the Lemon Party EP by Straight Jacket Legends. These Welsh rockers will present their punkish side at Focus Wales this year bringing their catchy guitar riffs and hooking melodies on the scene

At South Central, April 25th


Then if you fancy some folk vibes, why not listening to Valleyers. It’s clear you will enjoy the sweet melodies and melancholia of the likes of Damien Rice, Midlake and Badly Drawn Boy. They played festivals like Greenman and will be at Focus Wales this year.

at Undegun, April 23rd



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