New Music: Connah Evans-Labels EP

2014-04-24 16.51.18Last year, on our trip to North Wales, we discovered Connah Evans, a young singer-songwriter coming from North Wales. While studying at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, he wrote a first E.P which is now available since February 1st and available through his website ( and Itunes.

Starting off with the melodical and romantic track, Another Chance, we go through a sensitive and addictive lyrical universe. It’s followed up by  No Sense is still in the same vibes though more in an indie pop-ish way. It makes us think immediately of the likes of Doves or Elbow. Then we are entering in a sadder mood with the poignant and emotive Labels to continue in some more rockin’ vibes with You Know.

Finally, to get out of the coldness of the winter, we can hear at the end of the EP, the refreshing and happy In The City that you can hear just below.


Connah Evans will be back at Focus Wales this year playing at Old No 7 Bar. Make sure to check this out!


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