Playlist 2015/01/20

union-jackRetour à la normale cette semaine…nouveautés, classiques, tralalalalère!
Back to normal this week with brand new music and some classic tunes!
All We Are-Keep Me Alive/All We Are/Domino
The Noisettes-Never Forget You/Wild Young Hearts/Mercury
The Ting Tings-Only Love/Super Critical/Finca
April Towers-Arcadia/Arcadia (single)/Independant
Belle and Sebastian-The Party Line/Girls In Peace Peacetime Want To Dance/Matador
Winter & Williams Band-Hills and Shadows/Hills and Shadows (single)/Independant
Junkboy-Redwood/Sovereign Skies/Enraptured Records
Pulco-A Cruel Heart Beats Like A Bird/Innovation of the Trade/Folkwit Records
Man Without Country (feat White Sea)-Laws in Motion/Maximum Entropy/Lost Balloon
Victories At Sea/Up/Up (single)/Independant
Bloodflower/People-Places/People-Places (single)/Spinnup Records
Black Box Recorder-These Are The Things/Passoinoia/One Little Indian
The Silent Union-Last Patrol/Salvation EP/Independant
Menace Beach-Taste Like Medicine/Ratworld/Memphis Industries
Peur-Lights/We Can Build Astronauts EP/Ruby Music
Django Django-First Light/First Light (single)/Because Music
Boxed In (feat Cock’n’Bull Kid)-Lo Life/Boxed In/Moshi Moshi
Shelter Point-Fossil/Fossil (single)/Space + Time


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