Top of the year: Unsigned and small labels bands-Part 1

Choice was hard to make, load of cutting in the tracks to fill only eighteen songs on the list. Here’s part one of this list with plenty of discoveries we made through the year.


First track released from the Birmingham band duet earlier in the year. They released back in October 2014 their debut EP Glimmer featuring this lovely punkish, indie retro shoegaze-like  song.

Victories at Sea-Florentine

After releasing their first EP In Memory Of through Static Caravan, the Birmingham outfit slightly change their sound on this single to add more electronic pop and it well worths a listen

WHITE-Living Fiction

Like their Scottish compatriots Franz Ferdinand and Casual Sex, WHITE is bringing a disco touch to 2014. Really hooked up to the melodies.

Viola Dust-The Big Hop
Northern Ireland not just have a huge indie rock scene…they also have brilliant electronica acts like this one from Newry.

The TenFiveSixty-Control
If you like Metric and the likes of sweet rock melodies, you’ll fall in love with this


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