November 17th top tracks of the moment

In need on some new music? Here’s the top track of the moment picked by DJ Mel

2014-04-23 19.38.07-1First, here’s a band I discovered at the beginning of the year back on my journey to North Wales. If you need some heavy rock, edgy guitars, you will definitely fall in love with Blood Lips. In the heart of the North West of the UK, this three piece delivers dark rock’n’roll and  just released their first EP, Brittle Bones on the independent label Ear To Ear Records.

All four tracks is a travel back to the good old days of grunge with a touch of modern indie. You can download or listen tracks here:


If you’re more into traditional britpop and catchy indie pop, you can try some Why We Love. Hailing from the southern climate of Bristol, Why We Love just released Fake A Death EP. it’s always a delight to listen to their sunshiney tracks


If you hop into Cardiff, you can then discover The Echo And The Always with their brand new single Go Easy. This song is a tasty piece of pop, reminiscing of some Canadian gems like Metric or even Tegan and Sara. The Cardiff indie four-piece have a soulful melodic sense that worths being discovered.



Then, for those who wants to discovered some kind of new shoegaze, you can check out Elastic Sleep from Cork, in Northern Ireland. Musically, it’s a journey into noisey distorted guitars with a magic voice. Truly enchanting!


And finally, why not picking a band that we really love and saw a couple of times live. After releasing two albums, they are back with the release of a deluxe edition of War Room Stories. Yeah we definitely talk here about Breton. Great to see the guys are so prolific musically and offers this brand new deluxe version with not only one, but 9 new tracks like Titan and other catchy beats. Electro and rock clashes perfectly in a mix, making us forgiving the grey skies of London. If you haven’t discovered then yet, you can have your last chance on their current European tour until December.


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