Focus Wales: The final journey

2014-04-26 13.58.14On April 26th, that was our last day in Wrexham, last day of the festival. It was a little bit quieter, less madness  compared to the other days of the festival, but we made plenty of other discoveries indeed. First show of the day was by singer-songwriter Danny Gruff with gentle folk-pop melodies.

Then we headed to South Bar, for more heavier sounds. Promoted by The Core,the line up was absolutely fantastic. Started up things with I Fight Lions who described themselves as Snow Patrol’s cover band. But of course, their sound is nothing like this, it was just a joke indeed. I Fight Lions delivered indie anthems at its best, singing mostly in Welsh language.

2014-04-26 14.32.17I Fight Lions was followed by FALLS, an energetic, metal-hardcore sounds fueled band. They took all spaces, jumping around everywhere. Amazing set on what we call a stage, well in fact there was no stage just mics everywhere and they went into the crowd.

After getting crazy, we walked back to the Wrexham’s Museum to see Heal The Last Stand, a local Americana folk outfit. Even without any drummer, what a performance. The quartet even made a cover of Grease theme song, wonderful!

We continued, after a quick dinner (Welsh dragon sausages and mash, a typical Welsh plate), to see Black Moth, a female-fronted band from Leeds. It was pure rock’n’roll. Singer Harriet Bevan had the attitude of Black Sabbath’s Ozzy but on the female side. Long live 70’s rock!

Focus Wales had also a couple of secret shows. One of them was Cardiff’s own Radstewart, who released an EP on Alcopop! Recordings. Sometimes more arty (think old classical Art Brut) sometimes more post-punk, the band offered a solid performance.

To end the night we headed to Central to see Gulp’s set (lindsay leven and guto pryce from Super Furries’ project) and Keys, two acts that we love particularly for their psychedelic, late 60s rock sounds.

2014-04-27 00.23.59Last show of the night was WE ARE ANIMAL that you previously hear on my show.  A great mixture of electro and rock jams, strong guitar riffs and loads of dancing.Emotions came through all the way as we all knew it was already the end.

Focus Wales is definitely a festival to discover and it’s growing each year. Hopefully see you in 2015 Wales!


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