Focus Wales: Day 3

2014-04-25 11.45.01-1Another day and still busy. After my traditional ”full english breakfast”, walked to town (yeah it’s quite small and can’t really consider it as a proper city) and headed to some quite classy art gallery called 3B on Priory Street. All day, BBC Wales was broadcasting new bands and emerging artists for their new project called Horizons We discovered there the talented and mellow r’n’b voice of Gabrielle Murphy.

Next we ran again to the Catrin Finch Center for another bunch of interviews with local and international bands. This was a little bit quieter than yesterday but still we did caught some great new emerging talents. First, we met with Geraint Rhys, a young singer-songwriter. His sound is really hard to describe as he’s going in all sorts of music directions from folk to pop, to sometimes rock. Really eclectic in English and Welsh language!

After this set of interviews, we went to the Royal Oak pub where we’ve seen some great acoustic acts. First one was Waltz, under the name of Ben Harvey this time as Waltz were playin’ as an acoustic duet that day. A great complicity was obvious on stage between them, how lovely it was.

Then, Ben Hands took over the stage for some awesome and sublime pieces of folk-acoustic music.

2014-04-25 18.22.15After dinner, we go back to see some gigs and the first was with Tree Of Wolves.We’ve been served with beautiful melodies in the small South Bar. Fans of Los Campesinos and of great flavors of indie pop, get on it now!

To discover great music in Welsh language, we went to Undegun to listen to acoustic singer-songwriter Aled Rheon. He charmed us with his 70s folk alike songs. Classic tuneage!

Just aside, there was the Central Station where I was supposed to go see Beard Of Wolves, but oh surprise, Blood Lips played again another set, which was definitely as great as the one I’ve seen the day before. Definitely, a great trash’ rock’n’roll set followed by a totally different act Golden Fable with their soft electronica melodies mixed with folk, sometimes more ”poppish” We love their catchy melodies.

Now, time to go to the Commercial to catch The Bluebottle Veins. This is a local Wrexham band who offers blues-rock sounds with a big presence on stage. Then running back to Undegun to catch Lovers Open Fire, another local indie rock band with well-constructed guitar riffs and who delivered loads of energy in this small art gallery.

Final act of the night was just so crazy. Islet from Cardiff put the Central Station on Fire. Everyone was dancing around and the band was just dancing in the crowd as well. Jerky drumming, guitar reverb sounds, the Welsh band was reminiscent of some Friendly Fires and Late of The Pier. Awesome  energetic set!



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