Focus wales:Day 2

Wrexham. April24th. We had a very busy day at Catrin Finch Center located in the heart of Glyndwr University. Time to prepare and make some short interviews with a few singer-songwriters and bands playing Focus Wales. In the meantime, there was some interesting conferences with people of the industry about the state of music today, a little bit like we have at our own M for Montreal. At the entrance, there was also a small scene for folk-pop performances. From Austria, Effi, some multi-instrumentalist charmed us with his smooth melodies. Influenced by the likes of Sigur Ros and Feist, we really enjoyed the mixed electronic sounds to folkish guitar riffs.


Then, we left for a little pub called The Royal Oak. This was a lovely place presenting a bunch of singer-songwriters. Saw Connah Evans, a brilliant young. He played at first two covers, one from Liverpool-born Dan Croll and one grom electro-r’n’b songstress Ella Eyre. That was followed by a couple of his own songs. A beautiful set with melodic acoustic guitar soft sounds.


After dinner, it was time for dilemmas, Loads of bands or singer-songwriters were playing at the same time in different venues. First show of the night, Gareth Bonello, or better known as Gentle Good. A man, a guitar, and beautiful songs written entirely in Welsh, simple as that!



Then, it’s time for rock’n’ roll! from the area of Deeside in North Wales, Secateurs charmed us with their indie rock. Great guitar riffs, amazing power drumming with a little bit of pop in some2014-04-24 20.13.13 tunes. You’re going to be hooked to their music.

After that amazing rock’n’roll set, we ran to the church. As we do in Montreal, and on the north shore, we had the chance to enjoy a show in a cult place in Wrexham. Georgia Ruth and her gaelic harp sounds just hypnotized the crowd at the St-Giles cathedral. One word. Magical!

A few tunes from Georgia, and why not going to see the legend Damo Suzuki. Formerly from 70s krautrock outfit Can, Damo offered us long psychedelic pieces. I’ve hoped to stay a little bit longer but had to see other bands playing at the same time. Such craziness!

From psychedelia, we then went into some heavier rock with some Wrexham locals, Doppelganger. Some metallic sounds, really heavy in some art gallery called Un Deg Un (eleven in Welsh language), that was pretty special.

2014-04-24 22.48.03Listened to a couple of tune, then we returned to Central Station for the rest of the night for an eclectic trip.We saw there folk-rock 4-piece Sparrowhawks with their catchy melodies followed by an addictive performance from Seazoo if you are into great indie pop tunes

Also, we ”raved” to the sound of Cian Ciaran, well-known member of the Super Furry Animals. We are used to his folk, mellow songs but this time, he went on a full electronic set and everyone was dancing around.

My legs were totally screw, so we finished the night beautifully with All We Are from Liverpool.A great mix of soulful and electro that could definitely make us think of the band Outfit who came also from the Merseyside


To be continued

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