Manchester bound

Indeed, we finally went across the pond to visit some great places around the UK.

53569297ab96b_600x0First stop, Manchester. On our first day of our journey, we walked a lot and went to see the infamous Hacienda Building. Such a shame they transformed it in some apartment building and the only memory of that legendary place is just the little mention ”James first gigged here 17 November 1982”. Especially, when you think of all the well-known Manchester area bands that played over there through the years as the likes of Happy Mondays, New Order, Durutti Column, etc…

Then we had a little rest and headed to Salford. On Sunday there was  the Salford City Radio Easter Festival as a fundraiser for the radio… Loads of new bands discoveries from the area. Especially loved, Poppycock, new project  from ex-The Fall member Una Baines.  Lovely to hear some 70’s like punk with a touch of artistic sounds. Nice to see some legends in a small town pub called The Crescent. Then, we had the chance to watch some folk-pop-sixties psychedelic acts just as the likes of The Happy Fallen.

Another band that I really loved through the night was blues outfit Blue Zen with their melodic folk. Absolutely fab!


Then it’s time to head to North Wales for Focus Wales festival


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