Focus Wales-Day 1

Tuesday morning, left Manchester for Wrexham by train. Lovely landscapes indeed. Then checked-in at my little bed and breakfast and wandered around tryin’ to find out where the venues were located. It’s a small town so everything is quite near from each other places.

On Wednesday, it was the first day of the festival. So,went to visit some lovely people at Calon FM which is a radio station based in Wrexham and as our station of CISM 89.3 FM, hosts and producers are mainly volunteers just doing it for the passion of music. Then, time to get my wristband and having the hectic nights to begins.

2014-04-23 19.32.49First night gigs were only at Central Station, so then no rush from venues to other ones, quite easy to get on seeing all the bands then. We kicked things off with Blood Lips, a punk-rock outfit with catchy guitar riffs. With their dark melodies, a little bit Joy Division-esque on some tunes it was pretty brilliant.

Eclectism was the word to remember at Focus Wales. Second act to be on stage was Mizkai. She was mixing her tracks with Game Boy’s and got her own rabbit dancer. Quite funny and really original. Here’s a taste of what we did get sound wise.

This was followed by other awesome discoveries like The Undivided, hailing from South Wales, and their melodic rock inspired by the likes of Manic Street Preachers. We also had some great songs from a duo called Half Avian. If you previously like Man Without Country on our show, you’ll adore them. They’re doing an eclectic mix of electronic soulful music with a little bit of rock.

2014-04-23 21.12.00-1We had a lovely night so far and Steel Trees gets the stage to offer us a heavier set from what we had before. Scorched guitar sounds, punk distortion, swearings, we loved it! Then it went a little bit quieter, but still catchy for the band Baby Brave. Lots of indie power pop sounds with catchy rhymes, sometimes going on sixties kind of vibes. For those canadian music lovers, some of their tracks were a little bit like Magneta Lane. It’s definitely a band to hear in the near future as they’re about to release a new EP soon. The locals from Wrexham really did hooked us to their music!

Big shout out to Orient Machine who did their set just after. Think progressive rock, mixed with metal sounds sometimes with some indie rock vibes.

2014-04-23 22.24.07Unfortunately missed a little bit, of Bloodflower set, but was able to get right on time for their beautiful rendition of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy.Electronic pop, the dancefloor was literally on fire.

After that beautiful end of set, it was getting a little bit heavier with Bastions. Their presence stage was mental! Big heavy rock at it’s best and ears ringing after that.

Closing the night with some band I did interviewed back in the days. Camera, locals from Wrexham were the last to play at Central station with their indie folk pop. Great gentle melodies and loads of Happiness there as they are mentioning one of their album For When You Wake…


To be continued…



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