Road to Focus Wales #2

Time is flyin’ so fast…still a couple of days and we’re leaving Canada to discover some great music from Wales and beyond at Focus Wales Festival in Wrexham, North Wales. There is so much to discover in this eclectic reunion of great new upcoming projects and bands.


Baron La Croix

We miss Gallops so much, now Mark Huckridge started a brand new electronic, experimental project called Baron La Croix. With some krautrock influences. This project you should absolutely discover will play a late night set at Saith Seren on April 25th.



Formerly one of britpop cherished band, Murry The Hump, these guys changed a little bit their style to go with some  retro sixties style and changed their name to KEYS, The band will play their power-pop tunes to Central Station’s crowd on Saturday April 26th



Another great discovery to make is folk pop outfit from North Wales,CaStLeS,. They’re offering Beach Boy’s-esque and Super Furries sound with a little bit of great soft guitar folk riffs. It’s catchy we love it. A great way to escape the boring working days:-)



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