Road to Focus Wales #1

In less than 1 month, we’ll be around North Wales to cover Focus Wales and discovering all the new upcoming bands from out there and beyond. From pop to indie travelling aside some electro or folk, we’ll be covering 4 days of the best new music. Let’s start with….

Casi Wyn

One of the singer-songwriter I definitely want to discover a little bit more. As a fan of Melys, I really love the soft melodic female voice. She’s got an EP out, just simply entitled 1 and all Welsh-language. Beautiful electronic-like tones as you can listen over here on Fan Hyn track…

Euros Childs

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci frontman now getting solo since the demise of the band offers great experimental pop sounds that sometimes reminding us of great Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds era but still with the Welsh touch! We definitely can wait to see him playing at St-Giles Church on April 25th

Baby BraveMy love for retro-rock will be satisfied by the music of Baby Brave. Great noise-power-pop with sixties influences. We can find this influence especially in the beloved track Laisse Le Chick Habit which is Wrexham’s own Baby Brave version of France Gall’s Laisse Tomber Les filles which was originally composed by the legendary Serge Gainsbourg.

You can also have a glimpse of their sound on their bandcamp page.à

That’s all for the moment, more on the artists to follow in the next weeks.


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