Hot album of the week!

On February 24th, Jon Mc Clure and friends, better known as Reverend And The Makers, just released their brand new album, already a fourth one for the Sheffield’s band. Thirty two still got the dancey vibes of the Rev of the old years, even sounding a little bit like classic Depeche Mode on some tracks like The Only One or on the collaboration they did with Sheffield’s house legend Steve Edwards, I Spy.

Devil’s Radio is having this reverb lines that reminds us of old Clash punk with a touch of synthetizers. Then, we can go through melancholia with Play Me. Reverend and the Makers are joggling in the shades of the successful Arctic Monkeys but they deserve some attention for their creativity.   Your Girl, is a great piece of electronic psychedelia. While listening to it, you can definitely think  of Chemical Brothers  Setting Sun era. Last track on the Itunes version (well on the Canadian store as we’re based there), Mother Nature is a pop gem that have a strong guitar drive and is a powerful early britpop kind of song…

You can download the album right now on most of Itunes store from the label Cooking Vinyl.

Here’s a little taster:


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