Wrapping up 2013’s Best of unsigned/small labels Part I

After checking after our best singles of 2013 , it’s now time to wrap up the year with the best tracks coming from unsigned artists or some coming from really small indie labels. Here’s the countdown in no particular order!

We’re No Heroes-Distort The Air
Hailing from Cardiff, the trio offered us back in January 2013 this wonderful dancey track with guitars! (if you like Foals, you’ll love this tune!)

Kid Wave-Shelley
Shoegaze is back and London’s duet Kid Wave proved it with a brilliant summertime track!

If you like early Radiohead aka the OK computer era, you are going to love this new band from Manchester. Post-Experimental rock at its best!

Embers-Part Of The Echoes

Probably my best pick of that show, Embers is a new band hailing from the North West and they are making amazing melodies that are bringing us to tears. A mix of Hope of The States and Elbow. Huge thanks to the beautiful strings sections.

Eternal Minds-Have It All
One of my latest discovery in the hip hop world, here’s talented MCs from Manchester Eternal Minds. You’ll recognize a well-known tune sampling in that wonderful piece of rap.

Half Decent-This Is The Music
Oxford was a great place for music again this year and this artist and hip hop producer just made a wonderful piece of art in the way of Dizzee, Tinie and co!


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