Wrappin’ up 2013 with the best unsigned/small labels acts Part II

So here’s the second part of our end of the year top unsigned bands…We were really obsessed by Welsh music in 2013 and guess that will be continuing again in 2014!

Fjords-Strata Florida
One of the Welsh bands we hearted the most were hailing from Cardiff and named Fjords…they are a rockin’ trio with some bits of electronica sounds and they did a double-AA side called Strata Florida last August.

The Wicked Venetians-Hell
Going back around the London/Surrey area, this trio is having it all. Strong vocals, edgy guitars and a great sense of melody.

Path Unknown-Is This RomanceWith a catchy chorus, we love this track from this newest band from the Liverpool area. You can hear a little more tracks here https://soundcloud.com/path-unknown

Seazoo-No Wrenching Of Guts This Time
It’s another of these band from Wales. With the joyfullness of Los Campesinos you will surely be hooked to the sunny melodies of this Wrexham outfit



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