New Music Round Up: June 2012

During the last months, we listened to loads of new music from the indie world. This week we decided to share our thoughts about two different kind of bands, one electro and the other, a folk one.


Electronic pop is emerging in the last years if we think about Polarsets, Friendly Fires or Get People just to name a few. We recommend this week another one of these electronic bands. They’re called Factory Acts. Hailing from Salford, near the great city of Manchester the duet formed by SOS aka Susan and MD aka Matt. released their first single named Fantasy through Bandcamp and Amazing Tunes on August 3rd. They also got some demos appearing on a compilation offered by Alternative Female Voices magazine in Manchester. Musically, beats are intense, influenced by dream pop, sometimes darker. If you are a fan of old shoegaze movement and of groups like My Bloody Valentine or Cocteau Twins, you will appreciate the mood of the track. SoS vocals are bewitching, reminiscing sometimes the beautiful enchanting voice of Alison Goldfrapp. Lyrics sounds like a sorcerer spell, catching our minds. It’s of course, dreamy and vaporous but is also a little bit upbeat and making us wanna go on the dancefloor with its little darkwaves New-Orderesque tones.
Factory Acts soundcloud


Now, we are completely changing of style by recommending another band, The Fallows. The Fallows is a quartet from the neighbours of Coventry who released their first album ”Face The Wolve” back in March this year on Four Real Records label. The Fallows did get help recording it from Paul Sampson previous producer of The Las, Catatonia and Primitives.We could hear quite a lot of different influences all through the nine tracks which are making this longplayer. Raining Back Home, When The Sun Goes down and a few other songs reminds the beautiful country-folk of 2010’s Mercury Prize nominated Mumford and sons or the classic Ray Davies with his Kinks. With the sounds of strumming guitars and joyful beats, sometimes melancholia, The Fallows are attacking the folk genre with a real rock attitude. We could also think of Elbow on some tunes but with a country-western soul. The album is full of gems from the beginning to the end. We feel the good vibes and the energy behind the singer Ross Darby. While listening to the album we just want to tap our feet on these songs about love, dreams and countryside lifestyle.
The Fallows Official Website

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