London Cafe: 17/04/2012- Welsh edition

Bonjour tout le monde/Hello everyone!
Cette semaine, nous vous proposons une émission spéciale sur la culture galloise/this week we’ll get you some Welsh only treats for your ears

Stereophonics-I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio/Performance and Cocktails/V2

Y Niwl-Deg/Y Niwl/Aderyn Papur
The School-Never Thought I’d See The Day/Never Thought I’d See The Day (single)/Elefant
The Broken Vinyl Club-I Want You Girl/ The Broken Vinyl Club/Acid Jazz

Catatonia-Road Rage/International Velvet/Warner
Cerys Matthews-Galleon/Explorer/Rainbow City
Georgia Ruth-Through Your Hands/In Luna EP/Gwymon

McLusky-Collagen Rock/McLusky Do Dallas/Too Pure
Future Of The Left-Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman/Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman(single)/XtraMile
Samoans-Catamaran/Catamaran (single)/Kissability

Straight Lines-Freaks Like Us/Freaks Like Us/XtraMile
Lost Prophets-A Song From Where I’m From/Weapons/Sony

Manic Street Preachers-The Masses Against The Classes/National Treasure/Columbia

Soundstorm-Year Of The Gun/Nothing In Black And White/Independant

Huw M-Brechdanau Sgwar/Gathering Dusk/Gwymon
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci-Pen Gwag Glas/Barafundle/Mantra-Beggars Banquet

Toy Horses-No One’s Ever Gonna Leave You/Toy Horses/Albino Sparrow Records
The Maydays-Whiskey & Beer/Before You All Leave EP/Independant
Mowbird-Dinosaur Costume/Excellent OK, EP/Independant

Gallops-Joust/Joust-Eukodol (single)/Blood and Biscuits

Bonne journée/Have a good day/Bore Da

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