Wrapping up Xmas presents

2011 was a bloody great year for the UK music scene. From hip hop to electro passing by indie rock it was so hard to make a top 20 as you can see in the playlists post below.. it was definitely the ”second-album” year when we think about Florence and The Machine, Friendly Fires, White Lies amongst many others

But 2011, was also the time to discover some brand new ones so here’s a little wrap up of what we loved this year.

As far as we know, dubstep and electro scene was muchly based in Brighton and London in the mid-90s when we think of Massive Attack, Portishead or Tricky. But this year, Edinburgh’s dubstep-electro-hip-hop scene really developed with some artists that worths a listen…

There’s for example TeKlo from Edinburgh…Discovered him first with one of his single called ”Scream Retreat” with the beautiful voice of Charlotte Riley. But apart from original songs he’s doing a couple of great remixes like this one from Miniature Dinosaurs, a track name Alligator

Girls know how to rap to. Forget Lady Sov, the new queen is hailing from Scotland and is called Lioness

Indie rock industry gave us great bands as well..We just have to think about Chapel Club first effort ”Palace” or Airship‘s debut ”Stuck in This Ocean”. Here’s some late discoveries of December that you would for sure hear on the show back in January.

Model Society-Systematic (first single of this London band…if you like kinda The Rakes, Young Knives or other indie bands from this area)

80’s sound revival of 2011 will probably continue next year with this band to check out from Brighton named Goodluck Jonathan who released their first single on Something Nothing Records

Good Luck Jonathan-The Future’s Got No Love For Us

Will leave you on this listening for now, coz we will get plenty of other new releases to fill your ears in the upcoming weeks…we’ll try to update more often and if you got stuff you want to talk to feel free to drop us a line via our Twitter, Facebook page or our email at cismlondoncafe@gmail.com . Don’t be shy!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

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