Portishead dreamy night

On Friday October 7th, we had the chance to see Portishead in Montreal, one of the few rare stops Beth Gibbons and friends done for their North American Tour.

Since it was their first time in town for 13 years (last time was in 1998), people were really waiting so bad about this concert..No new songs, but definitely pure classics from 1991’s Portishead, Dummy and some tracks from Third. The only new track they ever played was Chase The Tear.

Beth Gibbons was pretty in shape, leaving the crowd almost tearful on some song performances. Starting up with Silence, Nylon Smile and Mysterons, she brought emotions with her sublime voice that we all know. Then it was the rip, and the classic Sour Times, where the crowd sang along…But the greatest moment of the show was definitely when Geoff joined Beth on acoustic guitar playing Wandering Star. Beautiful piece of art, almost cried on that one!

Even though we always know the band doesn’t really like to tour, they seem to really enjoy the aura of energy the crowd gave them on Glory Box, Cowboys and other tracks. We needed more so they came back after their set of 13 songs for two more Roads and We Carry On. Beth even jump off stage at the end of the second encore song to salute the band’s front row fans.

In a few words, this gig was all we were waiting for, solid, emotional and magical especially with the great weather that we had with us on this October night. Lovely dreamy gig!

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