Osheaga or how to have a great journey into the world of indie music

This year, we attended two of the three days of the getting well-known Osheaga Festival in Montreal. We went on last Saturday just to chill and discovering new stuff and seeing some bands and artists from Canada and elsewhere mainly on the little stages, not on the main ones. First, we saw The High Dials, a quartet from Montreal born 7 years ago inspired by the psychedelic swinging sixties.It was a short set indeed but we can say it was intense, with loads of reverbs and guitar trashing. If you never see that band live, you should do.

Then we went over to see a little bit of Braids, an electro rock group from Calgary signed on indie label Flemish Eye whose getting bigger and bigger with their first album Native Speaker. Performance was a little bit static, but it was a great musical discovery anyway. Just a few song passed and we walk to Mother Mother which set was very popular, loads of people there and they did mostly tracks from their latest one named Eureka.

After that, we took a little break for gigs, eatin’ and workin’ at the CISM 89.3 FM tent, just chilling, talking with people about what we’re doing here in Montreal. But, we had to prepare to see the only British act to play on the Saturday night, Anna Calvi. So in the meantime, we looked at PS I Love You from Kingston, Ontario, a duet who knows how to rock! We approched from the Tree Stage and were finally front row to appreciate Anna Calvi set. Dressed in a kind of toreador suit, she opened up with the instrumental ”Rider to the Sea” who sounded like some Ennio Morricone tune, beautiful indeed! She  talked a little bit between tunes with a tiny shy voice which made a real contrast with her lovely and strong singing. Rider was followed by Desire, Suzanne and I and lots more from her first well deserved nominated Mercury Prize album.

Night came and another busier day was coming. On Sunday it was the British invasion starting with Scots own’s Frightened Rabbit. Folk, country rock at its best, playing Swim until we can see land, Nothing like you, living in colour, all their best tracks in a 40 minutes long set. Pretty rockin’. A little break came where we saw Smith Westerns from Chicago, Illinois, a band who are really influence by glam-rock and britpop eras.

But at 5 o’clock just after eatin’ something quickly, the party started with Viva Brother I was aware that some people in the uk gave them some bad critics, but I gotta admit I really enjoyed the gig. Of course they’re influenced by the Gallaghers in some way, swearing, big egos and stuff like that, but they had so much energy on stage.They played some tracks from their brand new release produced by Stephen Street ”Famous First Words” like Darling Buds of May, New Years Day,False Alarm amongst many others.

Then was supposed to go see Ellie Goulding but soundchecking was sooooooooooooo long (sound problems apparently) and I didn’t wanna miss Wales ”must-see” band Joy Formidable, so i decided to stay at the Tree Stage to get the best place to see Ritzy Bryan and the gang from North Wales. Gotta say I’ve seen them before in a small venue in Montreal, but outdoor it was so different. Crazier, I gotta admit. Set from Joy Formidable lasted only 30 minutes, but that was my best half-hour ever in the festival. So energetic, loads of rockin’ guitar riffs, big drums, i hope they’ll come back soon to play here again:)

After Joy Formidable, I ran to the Green Stage to see White Lies. Two years ago, they played The Saints venue in Montreal along with Friendly Fires, and as the singer was sick it was good but well, really ordinary. But this time, they were full shape with special lighting effects, starting with Farewell in The Fairground prob one of their bestest track from the first album To Lose My Life. They followed with Death, To Lose My Life, Holy Ghost, just to name a few, and they conclude their set with Ritual’s first single Bigger than us. Finally it was great to have them back.

Was quite tired, after a long day soakin’ in the sun so I decided to go to the Piknic Electronic stage after White Lies. I’ve catched the end of Jamie XX set and then watch Claude Von Stroke dj skills. That was hot in there:)

I would like to thank Osheaga organization for all the great gigs I’ve seen during that weekend. They already confirmed there will be another next year, so see you there:)

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