Let’s talk Cymru!

Bonjour tout le monde! Hello everyone!

Cette semaine nous vous présentons un spécial tout en musique galloise entrecoupé de quelques chansons canadiennes/this week we’ll go all the way in Welsh though we’ll have some canadian tracks as well just for the pleasure of your ears.

Voici ce qui jouera/Here’s the tracklist:

Marina and the Diamonds-Guilty
Y Promatics-After Dark Light
Code Pie-Muddy Shoes
Emmy’s Unicorn-Call Out
VVolves-Birds in Berlin
We Are Wolves-Paloma
WE//Are//Animal-Black Magic
Attack! Attack! Everybody Knows
Strange News From Another Stars-Last Night I Happened Twice
Future Of The Left-Stand By Your Manatee
Cate Le Bon-Digging song
Trwbador-Daw’r Nos, Daw’r Haf
Jarcrew-Paris And The New Math
Crash Disco-GTFO
Masters In France-Little Girl
Mother Mother-The Stand
The Peth-Sunset Veranda
Super Furry Animals-Baby Ate My Eightball
Gruff Rhys-Christopher Columbus
Gallops-Oh The Manatee.

A la semaine prochaine/Till next week:


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