Écrire a propos de l’amour/to write about love

Bonjour tout le monde/Hello everyone
Grosse semaine de nouveautés, spectacles et tralala/Big week of new stuff, gigs and all that jazz

En intro/let’s start with
The Vaselines-I Hate The 80’s

Mix indie rock/indie rock mix
Manic Street Preachers-Postcard From A Young Man
James-Tell Her I Said So
One Night Only-Can’t Stop Now

Record de la semaine/Track of the week
Chilly Gonzales-You Can Dance

Electro dance ”cheesy”
Chromeo-The Right Type
Greg Bird and the Flamingo Flames-Wonderland
CFCF-Big Love (Junior Boys Remix)

un peu d’électro/a little bit of electro
Underworld-Between Stars
Faithless Sun To Me

Classique de la semaine/Classic of the week
Franz Ferdinand-Auf Achse

Demo de la semaine/Demo of the week
Tyrone Marshall-Lovestance

Nouveautés de la semaine/New Releases of the week
Blonde Redhead-My Plants Are Dead
Les Incendiaires-Danaé (Under Electric Light Remix)
The Drums-Me And The Moon
The Charlatans-When I wonder

et pour finir/And last
Belle and Sebastian-Write about love
The School-Valentine

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