playlist 2010-08-10

Nouveautés sont au menu encore une fois cette semaine/as usual we’ll play some new tracks for you this week

En intro/let’s start with
Manic Street Preachers- It’s not war (It’s just the end of love)

Indie rock écossais/ Scottish indie rock
1990s-You Made Me Like It
Correcto-Something or nothing
Shit Di sco- Di sco Blood

Record de la semaine/Track of the week
Freebass-Live Tom orrow You Go Down (vocals: Peter Hook)

mix electro/electro mix
La Roux-Under My Thumb (Stones’ Cover)
Massive Attack-Babel (ft. Martina Topley Bird)
These New Puritans-Three Thousands

Au féminin/female rock
New Young Pony Club-Before The Light
LoneLady-Early The Haste Comes

Classique de la semaine/Classic of the week
Freur-Doot Doot

Demo de la semaine/Demo of the week
Kingfin- Di rty Little Secrets

mix indie rock/indie rock mix
Bombay Bicycle Club-Lamplight
Plumtree- Scott Pilgrim

mix canadien/canadian tracks
The Jon Cohen Experimental-Behold
Buck 65-Gee Whiz

et pour finir/And last
I Blame Coco- Self Machine (La Roux remix)
Gilles Peter son-Arroz Con Pollo (Carl Cox Mix)

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