New Music for your ears

Alexis Blue…Sir Ian EP

Yeah Alexis Blue are still around. They just released a brand new set of songs available for free download. Still indie pop at its best, they added some more improvement to their tunes like mellotron sound on the intro of Blue Skies of Versailles.  More piano, still great guitar riffs and still inspired by Liverpool like bands The Coral, The Zutons or even The Beatles, Alexis Blue got great songwriting, lyrics and all. Absolutely catchy!

To download just go to their website at

Nick Harper-The Last Guitar

Just discovered this singer songwriter (thanks Linn!) despite the fact it’s not his first album. Indeed, Nick Harper is just releasing this month his 7th album The Last Guitar on Sangraal recordings.  Great folk, mellow psychedelic music just like the Byrds did in the sixties, Nick Harper got a great sense of melody. If you love the Bob Dylan style, you gotta love his music.  Highly recommended… to know more : official website

Chew Lips-Unicorn

After pop and folk, let’s go a little bit to electro music. With strong female vocals, Chew Lips brought great electro which reminds of  Scandinavian band The Knife and brought us dancey beats which makes up wanna tap our feets on the floor. Chew Lips is our fav of the mo’ when it came to electro genre.

To listen to some Chew Lips:

2 thoughts on “New Music for your ears

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