The Big Pink Interview

Recently, we had the chance to meet Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze from the London duet The Big Pink when they stopped in Montreal playing with A Place to Bury Strangers. We first talk about their name. They took it from a seventies group called The Band, they just ripped it coz they thought it was a fun name. Then, we chatted a little bit about their musicality. Nope, they don’t consider them as ”shoegaze” despite their sound is much like Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and bands like that. It could have been hip hop, electro, but it just came like that to express the emotions, the visuals of the tunes, etc… They worked on ”A Brief History of Love” in NYC at Electric Lady Studios.”It was stressful at first, but finally it turned as a great experience”, Robbie told us. In fact, they did get some help from Alan Moulder and Paul Epworth on this debut album. They even got inspired to write a song in NYC. We also talked about the prizes they did get. They won Philip Hall Radar Award in 2009 and just won NME best track for Dominos. For them, they are glad of course, but they just feel normal about that. Finally, we had a little discussion about supporting Muse in their recent UK arena tour which they found very cool with all the crowds and stuff and we talked about the new way of selling music. What do they think about that? Of course, it’s a better way to be known elsewhere in the world when albums aren’t always available, but people will miss the fact of owning the vinyls or physical cds with all the artwork related to it…

You can listen to the interview here (*notice: sorry for the sound, I’ve tried my best to get rid of these background sounds*)


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