New Music Roundup (March-April 2010)

Just discovered this brand new band from Dalston, UK. Male Bonding is a three piece  who knows what rock’n’roll attitude is. If you like early Nirvana and Seattle’s  1990’s era grunge movement, you gotta love them. Their debut album will be release in May on the legendary label Subpop records, but you can listen already to the tracklisting on their myspace at
Raw guitars, loud drums, it’s only damn rock’n’roll!

you can see one of their performance of Pumpkin, one of their 7” single just down below

and just to mention they’re touring with the Soft Pack and will stop by Montreal on April 6th at La Tulipe


Hailing from Brighton/London area, here’s a three piece folk, blues outfit. Peggy Sue offers great folk songs with some Regina Spektor, Holly Golightly-esque inspired vocals. It’s a recommendation if you like Mumford and Sons, Slow Club, Laura Marling or other folk bands or artists. Their first album Fossils and other Phantoms is getting on the shelves in the UK this April and you can get some taste of it on their myspace at
You will deffo hear them on our show soon


Like retro? Eighties Human League, Talking Heads era? You gotta love this band called WE HAVE BAND. First album is released this week (April 5th) and contains pure gems of synthpop genre. WHB is probably the most danceable album of the beginning of this year. It’s like some good old New Order’s Blue Monday classic but with the own touch of the London’s three piece.  We have band is deffo a band to check out for the near future with this excellent debut album. Here’s the myspace to have preview of some tracks


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