London Cafe’s best of 2009

It was again a great year for the UK music industry. From rock to pop passing by electro, there was plenty of new artists we discovered or it was the return of some that we loved. First of all, electro-pop scene was really upbeat and made us dance.

We just discovered this year a Birmingham artist called Neon Asylum…With two independent EPs, we just can’t stop listening to his big hit Destroy Mika. Great stuff for the 8-bit electro trash amateur (and if you like, you could try also some bits of Unicorn Kid or Irish DJ Tom Molloy).  Then there was Soft Toy Emergency, a brand new outfit from Liverpool who just released this year two singles, but oh what catchy ones…our fav in 2009? I Kno U Want It 7” out on Friends Vs Records. Electro music was also quite interesting in our own area of Montreal, we just have to think about Tiga’s brand new album Ciao!  Or, there was a longtime DJ, Mistress Barbara who produced and sing for the first time on her own album called I’m No Human. We just can’t help dancing to Four on the Floor where she sang in French, English and Spanish. On a softer note, there was a great electro act that made a stunning sophomore album, Maps aka James Chapman. After his Mercury nominated We Can Create, he came back in 2009 with Turning The Mind (best track of this album was Nothing).

But apart from electro, we had great comebacks around in 2009. Mancheste- based act James, with their frontman Tim Booth, gave their fans a great gift this year by offering a brand new tune called Not So Strong. Also, despite the departure of Miss Charlotte Heatherley, Ash compiled new tunes in an A To Z serie that gave us the melodic Arcadia.S peaking of Charlotte she offered us a great album also this year called New Worlds. Adding to this the excellent returns of Muse (Resistance), Franz Ferdinand (Tonight) Depeche Mode (Sounds of the Universe), Manic Street Preachers (Journal For Plague Lovers) Editors (In this light and on this evening), Placebo (Battle For the Sun), Doves (Kingdom of Rust). And, new Friendly Fires track Kiss of Life is bringing us again in another dimension of the likes of Rio Carnival. Just brilliant!

2009, what a great year for new sounds too. Just think about Micachu and the Shapes. Mica Levi and her two friends offers to the listener an eclectic sound (with their home-made instruments). Just think about The XX too. Great acoustic electro-folk with great male/female combined melodies. And what to say about 80’s like sensation LaRoux (aka Ben Langmaid/Elly Jackson) and shy but really active on stage Florence Welch (Florence and The Machine) with her album called Lungs (you gotta buy this one!!!)

We also like in this great year some other artists. Jack Penate and his brazilian tropicalia, krautrock, various influences released Everything Is New. The Horrors (Primary Colours), The Maccabees (Wall Of Arms), Reverend and the Makers (A French Kiss in The Chaos) offered great second albums that we just can’t stop listening to.

2009 was a great year! If you want to listen to our ”best of” edition featuring the bands we talked about before, just go there:

Wish you all the best for the new year!

Mel and Brice!


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