Playlist 01/12/2009

Madness-Forever Young

Le bloc indie-rock de Mel/Mel’s indie-rock mix
The Kut-Doesn’t Matter Anyway
The Encierro-Esconde Mi Mente
The Traps-Elk

Le record de la semaine/track of the week
Huw M-Y Drôr sy’n dal y sanau

le bloc indie-rock de Brice/Brice indie-rock mix
Friendly Fires-Bored of Each Other
Snow Patrol-Just Say Yes
The Longcut-Repeated

Un autre bloc indie rock de Brice/another indie rock mix from Brice
Nine Black Alps-Unsatisfied
Ash-A life less ordinary
The temper trap-science of fear

 Le Classique de la semaine/classic of the week
Tricky-Hell is round the corner

le démo de la semaine/demo of the week
Sidecar Kisses-Wire Stripper

le bloc au féminin de Brice/Girls rock! mix from Brice
Dragonnette-Fixin To Thrill
The Noisettes-So Complicated

le mix country folk canadien de Mel/Mel’s country folk canadian mix
Lake of Stew-Darlin’ Starlin’
Vic Chesnutt-Unpacking My Suitcase

et pour finir/and last…
The Big Pink-Love Song (The Cure cover)


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