La Roux Interview

Last Saturday, I had the chance to meet new electro pop sensation from the UK, Elly Jackson or better known as one of the half of La Roux, a project she’s working in with her mate Ben Langmaid.  We first chatted about how she’d met with Ben and why they decided to called themselves La Roux as in French there’s a mistake. Indeed it should have to be ”La Rousse”.  We also talked about the influence she did get from 80’s synthpop bands (despite her young age), stuff she’s listening too at the moment (when she got some time for herself)   and what song she wants to cover if sometimes she have to do one. We also discussed the fact she’s been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, her thoughts about being remixed by other artists (i.e Skream/Boy 8 Bit, etc…). Finally we chatted about what she thought of the reception she did get in North America and her future touring plans and songwriting stuff…


Download the full interview here

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