Happy Mondays-Psychedelic Furs review

IMG_1905 On October 15th, Montreal received two 80’s legends for a special night. Indeed, Shaun Ryder and Happy Mondays came on stage just before Psychedelic Furs will offer their first show since 1985 in the city. Happy Mondays were great, Shaun was in shape. But Bez wasn’t there, some visa problems, y’know. So there was Shaun and other musicians that weren’t in the original lineup. Great stage presence by the female vocalist, though was deceived coz they didn’t play some classics such as 24 hour party people or Hallelujah! But they’d went with great songs though just like Loose Fit, Anti-Warhole on the Dancefloor and they began their set with Kinky Afro.

After the Mondays, Psychedelic Furs came on stage. This was the first time since years for this band in Montreal but they seemed very happy to come back here in the city to play some of their classics from the John Hughes teenage movies of the 80’s era. Beginning their set with Love my Way, they proved they’re still in shape. Butler’s voice was the same, reminding the old times. Then, they went on with Heartbeat, Like A stranger and the classic President Gas. Psychedelic went on for an hour and a half or so with the same magic of the eighties for the fans pleasure. Everyone was singing along and one of the biggest moment was when they started to play their big hit Pretty in Pink. It was definitely an entertaining and magic gig!

Full setlist was:

Love My Way
Like A stranger
President Gas
Ghost in you
In my head
All of this and nothing
Pretty in Pink
No Easy Street
Sister Europe
It Goes On
I don’t wanna be a shadow

She is mine


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