Micachu and The Shapes-The complete London cafe interview

On  October 1st just before they were hitting the stage at Cabaret Juste pour Rire in Montreal for POP festival, i had a chat with Mica Levi, or better known as Micachu and her two bandmates, The Shapes, Marc Pell and Raisa Khan.

We discussed loads of things but mainly you’ll hear in this interview about  the production of ”Jewellery” done with Matthew Herbert, Mica’s experience as a dj at Bronze Club Nights in London with the likes of Golden Silvers (thanks to Tara O., host of Best in British Music on CHUO in Ottawa, www.taraoweb.com for this excellent question). We talked also about her hero Harry Partch and her classical music studies  (yeh, maybe that could sound weird when you have listened to her stuff) at Guildhall School where she’d met her bandmates and how they decided to called themselves The Shapes.

And she also build her own instruments so we chatted about that (and sorry for her swear) and the plans for the near future which means more touring and more songs on the way…

Download the full interview here

And just before leaving some excerpts of that will be on her on London Cafe’s show next week…

Enjoy! Melaniex


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