London Cafe’s Latest CDs to own

The Cribs-Ignore the Ignorant

The three lads from Wakefield are back with a brand new cd called Ignore the Ignorant. Still a great effort from the Jarman Bros., the third album got an addition. On the    guitar side, they added some value to it by adding Johnny Marr, ex-Smiths guitarist, in the line-up. Indeed, they shown a little bit of evolution while listening to the album. On City of Bugs we definitely can hear Johnny Marr’s influence as it’s sounding more Smith-esque. First single, Cheat on Me, reminds much of American indie bands. Though, they didn’t forget their roots and won’t lose their fanbase as tracks like We were aborted and We share the same skies are pure rock’n’roll Cribs as we know them.

Muse-The Resistance

The brand new album by Muse, The Resistance is a constant evolution speaking in listening terms. Everytime we listen to it, we discover something new. Still loads of piano and classical influence on it on the likes of United States of Eurasia and it also reminds of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Bellamy and co offers also solid guitar riffs on MK Ultra. Uprising, the first single got a touch of Dr Who theme on it and Exogenesis sounds like a mozart piece of art. Matt Bellamy also sings in French on I Belong to you. An original album and you got to listen to it to have your own opinion, i tell you.


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