Franz Ferdinand Review

Franz Ferdinand 029On August 31st, Montreal received Franz Ferdinand at Metropolis. After a few times seeing them, though it was to be quite ordinary, but finally i changed my mind. Support was provided by Parlovr, a local Montreal band who were fully energetic and proved that the Montreal underground scene got loads of talent. Then 45 minutes or so after Parlovr left the stage it was the time for Mr.Kapranos and co. Kickin’ off with Turn it on, follow by Itunes hit No You Girls and going with more hits (i.e. Take Me Out, Ulysses, Michael, Walk Away…). Outsiders, as usual, was with everyone drumming on Thomson’s kit.  Astounding! Then, when the regular set was finished, they came back on stage. Paul wore some mascot tiger head. What was the deal with that? Who the hell knows? it was so funny and after a while he threw the tiger head in the crowd. And the unexpected arrived! A 7-song encore set which was just so unbelievable. Who thought Franz Ferdinand was electro. In fact they made the crowd dance to their indie-rock music but they finished it clearly with a new wave-techno number with Paul on vocals. In one word, Franz Ferdinand show was a blast!


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