UNDERWORLD 051Last night, London Cafe team, went to see Underworld at Montreal Metropolis.

Show started at 8pm with Damian Lazarus as opening act which was alright, great discovery. But indeed, the crowd were all the way there for Karl Hyde and co. It was the first time they stopped by the city since the band exists.

What to say about Underworld? Twas the best dance party ever with electro techno beats and hits. Dancing to Rez, Pearl’s Girls, Born Slippy (very ”ravey” with the huge balloons thrown in the crowd) and some tracks from their latest album was a pure delight.

Crazy night indeed! and the guys seems impressed by the intensity of the crowd, but hey! you were in M-O-N-T-R-E-A-L guys! Karl Hyde got loads of presence on stage, dancing and walking everywhere on the stage, it was so energetic. Seriously, it will be in our best nights for the year…even for our lives!

Till the next gig! it’s so crazy in Montreal these days!



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