Elbow Interview *Osheaga 2009*

Here it is. Yeah I had the chance to meet one of Elbow’s band member, Richard Jupp, the drummer on Saturday during Osheaga just a little bit before the band hit the stage. We spent our time discussing about Mercury Prize’s album winner, Seldom Seen Kid.

IMG_1173But before, in the first part, I asked him to let us know a little bit more about their name. They took their name from a BBC miniseries called The Singing Detective. We also talk in this part about Seldom Seen Kid self production. Indeed they recorded it without external help.

Elbow interview part 1


In part two, we chatted about Richard Hawley collaboration on The Fix and also about the sampling of George Gershwin on Bones of You

Elbow Interview Part 2

Then we  finally  talked about how the life of a band could change after winning a Mercury and Ivor Novello Awards, about their collaboration on War Child Heroes CD and about how they deal by writing new stuff, how it’ll sound like and all that jazz

Elbow interview Part 3

Enjoy! Till the next interview

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