Osheaga Festival Montreal-2009

What’s new in London Cafe life? Yesterday I had the chance to attend Osheaga Festival Day 1 in Montreal (as day 2 doesn’t have relevant artists to cover for us, well there was the arctic monkeys and ting tings, but they get enough coverage I think so).

IMG_1119We began the journey on this sunny day with Kitty Daisy and Lewis. This band from London, UK  is formed by two sister and a brother. But what’s their style? it’s 40’s-50’s rockabilly, country. For real, it was a complete discovery to me who didn’t know them before. See, festivals are a great place to unknown band to get a little bit of exposure.


Then, I went to interview Richard Jupp from Elbow, Mercury Prize last year’s winner. The interview will follow soon here and will also appears on London Cafe show this Tuesday at 9pm Eastern forIMG_1146 those interested. I was about to see them live later on. 

 After the interview I ran to MEG Stage to see the new hit disco sensation from the UK, La Roux. She’s young, wished she was more energetic, more dancey, but she did a great performance anyway. It’s not obvious to fill only 30 minutes as it’s a festival so she played her essential hits: In for the Kill, Quicksand, amongst other to finish beautifully with her current single Bulletproof.

Next stop was Parlovr. If you read from the UK  you prob don’t know them as they’re Montreal locals. If you like Arcade Fire, Islands, stuff like that, you gonna like them. They were really energetic, bringing the crowd powerful indie rock.

IMG_1163Obviously, after eating something really faster, went to see Manchester’s Elbow. Guy Garvey is really a genius and got a really good presence on stage.They played most of the tracks of Seldom Seen Kid to fill the hour they got to play. Guy Garvey, was very talkative during the set sharing the songs with the crowd, making us singing along, it was magic…and they also celebrated their 18 years of  being bandmates right on stage, love it! (the band formed in 1990 for those who doesn’t know and it was apparently on August 1st). Elbow is full of generosity and the orchestration of One Day Like This, Grounds for Divorce, The Fix, it was just perfect on this sunny day.

My last show of the day was the one and only Coldplay. Chris Martin and co gave a really strong performance and interacted with the public as well as Elbow did before, played tracks from their current album but also made the crowd sing along on Yellow, The Scientist, and other songs. It was during a fireworks competition elsewhere on the island so it was definitely magical. They even done some improvised cute acoustic song which was really great…and the greatest thing: their acoustic cover of Billie Jean…Gotta say it was surprising coz we didn’t even expect that as a crowd…

So what a day, and hope things will be as good if there’s one festival like that again next year.


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