PLAYLIST 2009/07/07

Bonjour tout le monde/Hello everyone!
eh oui une autre semaine remplie de nouveautés, demandes spéciales et autres découvertes indie britannique/here’s another week of new releases, requests and other UK indie discoveries

The Lemonheads-Dandelion Seeds
Does it offend you yeah?-Dawn of the Dead
We Have Band-Here in the Cans
Team Waterpolo-Room 44
Deluka-Cascades (nouveauté de la semaine/brand new track)
Thunderheist-Nothing 2 Step 2
Friendly Fires-On Board (Nic Nell’s N-Tronica Remix)
Bloc Party-Talons (Phones R.I.P Mix)
The Gruesomes-Tell me how you feel
Dutch Uncles-Steadycam
Pony Up-Storyteller
Electronic-Twisted Tenderness
Lounge Fly-Charlie
Neon Asylum-Golden Idol
Camera Obscura-Away with Murder
Lord Cut-Glass-Look After Your Wife
The Maccabees-Can You Give it
Kate Nash-We get on

Vous avez des commentaires? suggestions? demandes
spéciales? Contactez nous:
you got comments? requests? contact us:   
 live:    9pm-10h30 Eastern, 2AM UK time  
pour la balado diffusion copier-coller le lien ci-dessous
dans Itunes/for podcast download, copy and paste the link below into your Itunes


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