Featured Artist #2: Alexis Blue

Formed in September 2005,  Alexis Blue is a four piece hailing from Wallasey neighbourhoods. After some singles releases, they released their first album Hypothetical Situations back in 2008. Since, they’ve toured across the UK . If you look after great music, Alexis blue is offering indie pop rock catchy melodies especially on tracks like Passive/Agressive, You won’t get much sleep and loads more. Strong vocals, great guitar riffs and basslines, it’s all you need to start a party. Also, they just released through their website a brand new single called Tarred and Feathered which reminds of some Zutons, The Stands, or other Merseyside bands. Their various influences and their songwriting skills should bring them the success they really deserves. To make it short, we just WANNA DANCE while listening to Hypothetical Situations and other downloadable tracks. Definitely a band to discover…

If you want to download their stuff you can go to their official website at http://www.alexisblue.co.uk or visit their myspace at http://www.myspace.com/alexisblue

Hope you’ll enjoy!


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